The Ultimate Guide to Robo Dwarf Hamsters


Robo dwarf hamsters are tiny and fast. They could run over 100 miles in just one day. If you go to a pet store, you will find Robo dwarf hamsters running on a spinning wheel. That is the reason they are known as very active dwarf hamsters. They can grow as much as 2 to 2.5 inches in their adult age. They are mostly found in Russia, China and even in Kazakhstan. In the wild, they live on fruits, vegetables, and even small quantities of meat and insects. When they are kept as pets, their lifespan could range from 3 to 4 years.

Robo hamsters’ Color variants

Robo dwarf hamsters usually come in two main colors:

Whiteface Robo dwarf hamsters

As the name suggests, the main characteristics of Whiteface Roborovski dwarf hamsters are that they have a white face. They can also be referred to as husky hamsters.

Agouti Robo dwarf hamsters

They are very similar to the Whiteface Robo dwarf hamsters except the fact that they have a very light brown color with gray roots.

Other colors


There are many other colors available for Robo dwarf hamsters, but they are rare. One example could be Platinum Roborovski dwarf hamster. You can choose from many cute hamster names for robos due to their character. The platinum robo hamster is quite similar to the Whiteface Robo dwarf hamster except the fact that the color can go once they age. Some other colors like red-eyed and pure white Roborovski dwarf hamsters can also be found in pet stores.

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Once you understand information about your Robo dwarf hamster, it is time to learn how you can tame them.

Special tips to tame your Roborovski dwarf hamster

  • Make sure to handle it only when it’s in an active stage. Robo dwarf hamsters are awake and active in the early morning and evenings.
  • In early stages, dwarf hamsters could show sign of fear and nervousness for your attempts at taming them.
  • Make sure your dwarf hamster is old enough to tame. Give it some time to grow before trying to tame it.
  • Make sure it comes to you rather than you go to it. Robo dwarf hamsters are very selective in giving their affection. Once they understand you completely, they will themselves come to you.
  • Use a cup or something that they can roll so that they can use it as a rolling hamster wheel.
  • In order to tame it, Put your hamster in a box which is not as high as the hamster could run through it. And it should not be as low as your hand could not going to it.
  • Do not try to force something on your hamster. Always try to offer something. Let it remain on the hamster whether he likes to take it or not.
  • Play with it daily so that it can become easier to tame.
  • Try to tame your hamster in multiple sessions rather than just one.
  • Try to keep patience when working with a Robo hamster. In the long run, your
  • Robo hamster will understand that you are not a threat but a friend.
  • Robo dwarf hamsters are lovely and wonderful creatures. It is very necessary to tame them to make them a viable pet. The process of taming will take time.
  • Ensure that you have patience and endurance of doing so. Do not force something that the hamster doesn’t like. It will become friendly to you in a long run.

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