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Dwarf & Syrian Hamster Cages | Hamster Habitat Guide

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Syrian hamsters are much larger than the smaller Dwarf species of hamster; therefore, they need much more room to house them and their large hamster wheels. Dwarf hamsters, being much smaller can live communally in small groups or pairs; therefore, they need more space per hamster. According to besthamstercage.com – Dwarf hamsters can become aggressive to each other if they are housed in small hamster cages, therefore, the bigger, the better with dwarfs. Another way to reduce the risk of territorial aggressiveness is to provide dwarf hamsters with many hamster wheels to prevent them from getting jealous with each other.

Habitrails or Crittertrails

ferplast hamster cage

Hamster habitats made of plastic are becoming increasingly popular for use as hamster cages. They are made of brightly colored plastic and are modular in design that can be connected up with tubing. These are not the best option for dwarf hamsters because they are usually small on their own, and joining them up via tubes can encourage territorial behavior. Dwarf hamsters are best off living in wide open spaces to discourage them becoming territorial and aggressive. Habitrails and Crittertrails are far too small for Syrian hamsters, but they can offer a great add-on to the main hamster cage. Another factor to consider when choosing one of these types of hamster habitat is how escape proof they are. Due to the nature of their design, they present lots of nooks, cranny’s and gaps for your hamster to get away.

Wire Cages

The most common type is the traditional hamster cage. These cages consist of a plastic tray of varying depth covered over by a frame of metal bars allowing access with a small door. These offer excellent ventilation for your hamster; however, sub-par visibility compared with glass. If your hamster is a bar gnawer, this may present a problem if your hamster cage is in your bedroom. Hamsters are nocturnal animals and come out at night so their bar gnawing might disrupt your sleep. Metal cage bars are good for fixing cage accessories such as hamster wheels too. Metal bar cages can also give your hamster the opportunity to make a mess on your carpet because some cages have enough shallow plastic trays allowing your hamster to dig and kick substrate out of the cage through the bars. Bar cages offer excellent ventilation for your hamster and high air flow.

Aquariums or Tanks

Tanks are a great option for hamsters because they offer fantastic visibility for your pets as well as providing your hamster with a great source of natural lighting. Glass tanks are hefty and can present problems when you want to move the tank around for purposes such as cleaning your hamster out. Tanks do not offer the best ventilation, especially with their lids. You will have to create a DIY tank topper made of mesh to give your hamster ventilation. Proper ventilation is essential to dissipate ammonia caused by hamster urine. There are plastic tank habitats available primarily aimed towards hedgehogs and guinea pigs such as the Zoo Zone range of habitats.

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