The Best Dog Harness Guide in 2017

Welcome to our pet website. Your source of information on finding the perfect harnesses for dogs. Whether you are trying to find a harness for a large or small dog or a harness made out of a particular type of material, we are sure you will find what you need here. Thanks for taking the time to visit our site.

It is important to note that Dog Harnesses are made to fit around the chest and back area of the dog. The great thing about a harness is that it is a secure way to connect your dog to a leash without having to use a collar, thereby helping to alleviate pressure around the dog’s neck when you take the dog for a walk. You may still use a collar but do so with caution. There are times that dogs may choke when using one. The reason is, if a dog is wearing a collar, and tries to run or make any movement that causes a force on the collar, the dog feels the pull force on their neck. This can cause the pooch to have neck pain, breathing issues and more.

A harness can be used as a security measure to prevent your dog from breaking away from your grip. For example, the harness is wrapped around the dog’s torso. As a result, any pull force exerted is evenly distributed and therefore you can safely tug on the harness cord to safely restrain your dog from running out into traffic, without causing any harm to your dog.

When purchasing a harness, it would be best to bring your animal along with you if possible. This will help you find a harness that is a good fit for your dog. If you are not able to bring your dog with you, then take measurements of the waist, chest, and shoulders to aid you in finding the right size harness for your dog.


There are various brands and styles and materials to choose from. Your primary goal would be to find the harness with the best fit and that provides comfort to your dog. Harnesses vary in prices but consider making the investment needed in providing the best harness for your dog. A second harness might not last a very long time. Also, you would not want to have to worry about your harness breaking mainly in a moment that would result in harm to your dog. A harness that has been made well would be made of sturdy material and have secure double stitching around the connection areas. You have the option of purchasing one-clasp, two-clasp or step-in harnesses. Also, you would probably want to choose clasps that are made of metal instead of plastic.

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