Crate Training and the Best Dog Crates


Are you aware that crate training is the responsible thing to do as a dog owner for your Pit Bull Terrier, and every dog owner should be doing this? Correctly crate training your Pity is one of the best things that you could do for both you and your dog, and I am going to explain exactly how to do it correctly. If you are don’t understand what I mean by “crate training,” don’t panic. I am going to break everything down to you in everyday language, so it is easy for you to understand.

Crate Training

OK, let’s get started. Firstly, when you bring your pup home, it is crucial that you set the ground rules with your dog, now it is not going to happen overnight, but you have to be persistent right from the start. Now you show him exactly where his territory is. This is the time that you will introduce him to his crate.

Place you Pits crate in a designated room or area of the house so that he knows he can go there as his rest area. This part is crucial so make a careful note that this area should not be where everyone walks past all the time.

You can purchase a crate at your local pet supply superstore. Online or you could make one yourself if you are so inclined. Preferably a wire crate that has to partition, so it can be sectioned off while he is little, then enlarge the partitioned area as he grows. A wooden dog crate would match well with the most home decor. The base of the crate should be a washable tray that is easily removable for ease of cleaning.

Heavy Duty Dog Crates


Some dogs are powerful animals and are prone to escaping. If you have one of these breeds, then a wooden grate might not be ideal. Check out – http://bestdogcrates.org/escape-proof-dog-crates/ for the best indestructible crates for dogs.

Larger Crates

I would recommend a larger crate for your larger breeds when setting up the partition. Make sure your puppy has enough room to stand and lay down. You do not want it too big, though.

Partitioning is more important than the size of the crate you purchase if you use it correctly. Make sure that you use them to restrict your puppies free space inside the crate and be consistent with the regime. Congratulations on meeting the first stage on being a responsible Pit Bull terrier owner!

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